June 2017 Beauteque Mask Maven Unbagging

Hello everyone! I hope all is well. I received my June Beauteque mask maven bag last week and wanted to share with my peeps what I received. For those of you who are not familiar with Beauteque they are Korean Beauty company that offers monthly subscriptions for K-Beauty products. Each month usually has a theme. They also offer a free gift for new subscribers.

Now of course you can do your own research and find some products that you want to try, which is also what I do. But, for those who don’t have the time or energy, this is a perfect way for you to dip your toes in and give it a try without having to think too hard about it. They have their monthly BB Bag which includes 6 full-sized items ranging from skin care to makeup etc. The pricing structure for the BB Bag is $24 a month, $72 for 3 months, $138 for 6 months and $264 for 12 months.

They also offer their Mask Maven Bag which is the one I am subscribed to. You will  receive a monthly assortment of 9 masks from Korea and Taiwan. Like I said, every month has a theme and the theme for this month is “Lifes a Beach”. A very fitting theme for the beginning of summer. It’s kind of weird to me they way the shipment work because you receive your shipment at the beginning of the next month (i.e. My June bag arrived in the second week of July. It just kind of throws me off because I am reviewing the June bag in July lol.

All of that aside, I think this is the best bag I have received so far. I only feel that way because there are different masks this time instead of just sheet masks. I’m one for variety so that really appealed to me. I love my subscription either way because I love sheet masks but trying different kinds of masks is excitement lol.

When you receive your Mask Maven shipment, it comes shipped in a large white envelope as pictured below. It usually has the big sticker on the front that says Beauteque Monthly. Now I don’t care if it shows who its from but I do think they should be a little more discreet in the way things are packaged. I don’t care if its from Beauteque or Victoria’s Secret, I don’t really want the world knowing where I ordered from. Sometimes these companies get a little overzealous in their marketing that they don’t think about things like that. Ok rant over lol.


When you open the Envelope the masks come shipped in an adorable purple mesh bag cinched at the top by a matching purple ribbon with Beauteque written across it. It is a very cute idea. I love when companies package their products in cute ways. It show the pride they take in their products and their company as a whole. When you’re passionate about something it shows in the things you do.

The first mask I want to talk about is the Adaline-Keep Cool and Let Shine Face Mask. This jewel- shine contains Pearl Extract which helps to brighten your complexion. a variety of vitamin complexes such as grapefruit extract, grape extract, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (a derivative of Vitamin C), tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), and panthenol (Vitamin B5). This mask has whitening & firming properties that help even out your skin tone and combat wrinkles.

The second mask I want to talk about is the Dr. Nobori Firming Eye Mask. This is one of the mask I was excited to receive because it is not a full face It is not a full face mask. It just goes around the eyes which I think is a great way to combat those crows feet lol. The main ingredients in this mask are plant extracts such as the first ingredient on the list, Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract (Kelp Extract). It soothes irritation and boosts circulation to aid in cell renewal and help eliminate impurities.

The third mask that I received is the It’s Skin-Tea Tree-Balance mask. It is noted as a cushion pulp sheet mask which makes me think it has soothing little pillows all over it. Ahhhhh 🙂 This mask of course contains Tea Tree Leaf Extract. Tea Tree is known to be antimicr­obial, antifungal and antibacterial. One of the many skin benefits it has is treating acne. Because of its antimicrobial properties it help to kill the bacteria that causes acne. Some studies have shown tea tree oil to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide for those with acne.

The fourth mask is the Mijin Brightening Essence Mask.  Mulberry root extract comes from the white Mulberry tree that is native to China. It is said be a botanical extract with both astringent (skin tightening) and antibacterial properties. That’s an awesome power house to me. Something that can help combat the signs of aging and can help possibly help fight the bacteria that causes acne. Yay! Lol of course sheet masks aren’t a cure all but they do help. It has several fruit and plant extracts to help brighten your skin. It also has Aloe pretty high up on the ingredients list so it should be pretty soothing.

The fifth mask I received is the Berrisom Water Bomb Jelly Mask-Anti-wrinkle. This mask is made up of such ingredients as red wine, pomegranate and tomato. These are all supposed to be great ingredients to help combat signs of aging. It should be pretty effective with this power house of ingredients. Studies also show that red wine can help with acne. What excites me most is this is a jelly mask! It seems to be a sheet mask slathered in Jelly essence. Can’t imagine how messy this is going to be lol.

The sixth and seventh masks that I want to talk about are the Pure Smile Point Pads in both Kiwi and Cherry Blossom. Now these are some cuties. I think that is the whole point. They may be a bit gimmicky but that is something that i’ll have to let you guys know about at a later date. I think regardless of the benefits they will be cute and fun to use. Now lets get to the benefits lol. The Kiwi pads contain Vitamin E, and Collagen and are supposed to be great for radiance and nourishment. The Cherry Blossom version are perfect for protecting your skin from drying out, as well as maintaining its pH balance. One of the other benefits of these pads is they come is reusable zippered bags so you can use them more than once. You can also use them on other parts of your body, not just your face.

Almost done you guys lol. The eighth mask that I am stoked to use is the Tsaio Stayed Up Late Mask-Alice. This mask totes some major ingredients like selected glycosyl trehalose, soy protein, natural baobab three moisturizing ingredients that help to allow water to be quickly absorb by skin. It also helps to soothe and balance the moisture levels in skin, so it keeps skin naturally white. For those of you who are not aware, when Koreans say white or whitening they usually mean bright or brightening. So don’t be alarmed. It is not to help bleach your skin. It is also noted that this mask is best for normal, dry or sensitive skin.

Last but definitely not least we have the Urban City Azulene Aquaring Mask. This mask contains botanical extracts and fermented extracts. It also contains sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) which is a great to aid your skin in taking in the moisture in the environment. Hyaluronic Acid is found in the skin naturally but its natural function within the skin is not hydration.

I hope you guys enjoyed the blog and the corresponding video. I hope they were helpful and able to provide some insight into sheet masks and the benefits or lack thereof if you decide to purchasing a mask maven subscription. I am posting videos on YouTube every Tuesday at 9pm EST so don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell so you will be notified when the next video is uploaded. Till next time. :):):)


Karity Matte Eyeshadow Palette!!!


New video on the Karity brand has been posted to YouTube. As I mention in the video I am very new to eyeshadow palettes but for the price this palette is pretty good quality. You get 21 pans of shadows for $28.00 and the colors are very pigmented. I didn’t notice much fallout either. I really enjoyed trying out my first quality palette! I also show off a compact I received from Julep. It is definitely great quality. Check out my first impression of it. A few mishaps lol but what’s life without a few mishaps? Here is the link: https://youtu.be/QKU7UAFRnWc

Let me know what you think!



1st Youtube Video is Live!!!

I am so excited! This is a long time coming. Ok a few weeks, which is very long in my eyes. I can’t believe it! I will do my best to try and juggle both my blog and my Youtube channel, but I’m so excited to have a Youtube channel that everything else has taken a backseat. I will tell you I am not used to being in front of the camera. It’s a little weird talking to yourself, and trying to remember to look at the lens. I went through several different takes before I felt like it was good enough lol.

wp-1490021692154.jpg    I decided for my first video to do an unboxing just to get my feet wet. I did an unboxing of the March 2017 Birchbox. I’ve been under the weather the last few weeks so I hope you can’t hear it come through in the video lol. Stop by and check it out. My channel name is Harmonious Skin of course 🙂 Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPoFNC-kvQo  I hope you guys like it!

Life Changes 😆

I’ve been very MIA lately l. I have a few things I’m working on and I’ve been very preoccupied. I hope to start back up with my reviews and first impressions very soon. Skincare in a very big part of my life, or I should say I’m completely obsessed and I can’t wait to continue sharing my thoughts and experiences with the world. Until then I hope you all are doing well and I will be back soon 😉

Another Sheet Mask Review


Hello beautiful people!!! I have another sheet mask review for you and it is on the Bonvivant Chamomile and Tea Tree Botanical Mask Pack. Its claims: The Chamomile + Tea Tree sheet mask cleans and tightens pores, thanks to Tea Tree Extract that minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores and AHA that exfoliates dead skin cells. Chamomile Extract also calms and soothes the skin, leaving it so fresh and so clean. I have been seeing new breakouts just about everyday so I figured it was about time to give this mask a try. The Bonvivant 100% Botanical Pure Mask line boasts natural sheets made with 100% Eucalyptus-derived elements that gently adhere to the skin without any irritation. They’re enriched with a top-notch blend of fruit extracts like Mulberry, Fig, Pomegranate, and Ginkgo Nut that naturally protect and revitalize skin.

I need to make you aware if you are new to my blog I have dry/combination skin that is prone to breakouts so take this into account when reading my reviews. So upon opening the mask pack, the scent is very light and relaxing. It is a thin fiber mask that is usually a little difficult for me to unfold because I don’t want to rip it. It is a translucent white color. I use a mirror to apply it to my face so I can line up the holes correctly. I applied the mask and as usual I lay in bed and watch a little tv. This mask was really relaxing and slightly cooling.

After 20 minutes (I’m always impatiently watching the clock) I removed the mask and proceeded to rub in the remaining essence on my face. My face felt very hydrated after this mask and after the essence was absorbed (almost dry but not completely) I immediately applied my emulsion so that my skin would remain hydrated through the night. The essence on this mask is very pleasant even after removal. After I was done with the rest of my skincare regime, I relaxed until I fell asleep. The next morning I proceed with my morning skincare regime and I did see a reduction in acne. I have added this mask to my favorites because that was pretty impressive. Although this is not a long-term solution, it is something to add to my weekly routine. I have to say this does make me want to try the Tea Tree products that much more.

These masks can be found at amazon.com for a 10 pack or memebox.com for $ 1 each. I hope you beautiful people have enjoyed my review and as always your comments, suggestions and feedback of any kind is always appreciated. Until next time!

Sorry for the brief absence :(


Hey everyone! I hope all had been well. I had to take a break for a few days in writing my skincare reviews to catch up on a few things. I did use a few sheet masks in the last few days but since it’s been a few days, I would rather give you a fresh review. Good thing I have an extra mask of each of the masks I have tried. I will give you a brief review of one of my favorite products. I am in love with the Manyo Factory Active Refresh Herb Peeling Gel. I purchased this from Memebox for $15 (USD) for 120 ml. This is an awesome exfoliator! It’s claims: gently exfoliates dead skin cells, deeply cleanses and revitalizes, restores the hydro-lipid balance, smoothes wrinkles and improves the complexion.


Some of the key ingredients:

Rice powder – one of the active ingredients deeply moisturizes and softens the skin, improves the color and texture, stimulates tissue regeneration and smoothes wrinkles.

Wheat germ extract- a valuable source of proteins and beta-glucans, peeling anti-inflammatory effect, provides a firming lifting effect.

Lavender extract- eliminates skin oily shine, makes the skin matte, prevents clogged pores, improves blood circulation.

Sage- carefully disinfects and soothes inflamed skin and promotes cell regeneration and combats the first signs of aging.

Basil- improves blood circulation, revitalizes pale skin, adjusts the tone and gives the cheeks a pinkish tint.

Hyaluronic Acid- provides rich moisture deep within the skin leaving no greasiness.

I use this product twice a week. I cleanse my face, usually a double cleanse as I use this product at night, and pump two to three pumps of this product onto my fingers and swipe it across my face. Then I start to massage it into my skin for about 20-30 seconds. I let it sit on my face for about another 30 seconds to a minute and start to massage it into my skin again. It starts to bead up with all the dead skin cells and you can see them collecting into clumps and removing the dead skin cells from the epidermis on your face. After I’m done massaging, I rinse it off with lukewarm water. It is very easy to rinse. I pat my face dry then continue with the rest of my skin care routine and everything seems like it apply so easily.

I love the way my skin feels and looks after using this peeling. It’s always bright and baby smooth. I hope this review on the Manyo Factory Active Refresh Herb Peeling Gel has helped you make an educated decision on whether to give a try or not. Just as a reminder. I have dry/combination skin that is prone to breakouts so please take that into account. Honestly I think this peeling gel will work well for any skin type as it doesn’t leave your skin with an oily residue.

As always if you have any requests, suggestions or general comments they are always welcome. Until next time!

P.S. I just checked Memebox.com and it is still only $15 USD.

Last night’s Sheet Mask😉


I decided to try another new sheet mask last night and gave the Holika Holika Damask Rose Pure Essence Mask Sheet a try. Holika Holika is a very popular Korean skincare brand and this is the first product of theirs that I have tried.This sheet mask is saturated with natural Rose Extract that delivers moisture deep into the dermal layers to soften rough, dull skin. It also returns the healthy skin tone, reducing the intensity of post-acne scars. I have dry/combination skin, more oily in the T-zone and I have a lot of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and jaw line so I can definitely use the moisture and help evening out my skin tone.

    Upon opening this mask, you find a very thin fiber mask soaked in essence per the usual. These types of masks are a little difficult for me to unfold. I really like the placements for the eyes, nose and mouth. They seem to fit better on my face. It did overlap my chin which I like because I tend to break out under my chin pretty often. This mask is actually pretty pleasant once you’re done placing it. I laid in my bed, phone in hand and tv in front. I find it hard to wait the 15-20 minutes because I like to multitask and that’s hard when you have a slippery mask on your face lol.

    After the 20 minutes I decided to go ahead and remove the mask. I noticed it started to dry but there was still a good amount of essence on my skin. This essence absorbs very well. I actually didn’t mind using the extra essence left in the package. The only thing is it is a little sticky before it fully absorbs so give it about 10-15 minutes before you continue with the rest of your skincare routine. These masks range between $1-$2 depending on where you purchase it so I think they are definitely worth the price. I would try these masks again and they come in various “flavors” for all you skincare needs.

    As always thanks for stopping by and I hope these reviews help. Any suggestions or requests leave them in the comment section!

Time for another Sheet Mask!

It’s that time again! Time for another Sheet Mask Review!!! FYI, I made another skincare purchase so I can upgrade my 10-step Korean skincare routine. I will update you all on my skincare routine once I make a few more purchases. I only have 4 steps so far ugh. Last night was mask number 2 and I chose the Bonvivant Rose Mask Pack. This mask is soaked in rich Damask Rose Water, which brightens and clairifies your skin. It’s 100% natural fiber mask sheet effectively delivers all formulas deep into your skin, locking in moisture and nourishing for dewy, clear and rosy skin.

Sorry for the wide eyes lol. I was being goofy but I couldn’t move my face.

I really need some help with hyperpigmentation so I chose this mask to help even out my skin tone. I really like the texture of this mask. It is a soft peach color and smells lightly of Rose. The scent isn’t too extreme. I applied the mask and went on the watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory while I was waiting. Upon the first few minutes of application, my skin started to tingle almost to a stinging sensation but not exactly a painful one. At least not for me and I have a very low pain tolerance lol. I left the mask on for about 20 mins. I feel like I could have left it on for about another 5-10 minutes before it started to dry out. I found that my face felt very cool and that sensation kind of numb the tingly feeling. The essence on this mask is slightly like a serum texture. It’s not too viscous and doesn’t take a long time to absorb so I didn’t mind patting the remainder of the essence in and using what was left in the package.

I was really impressed with this mask. I let the essence absorb into my skin for about 10 minutes then applied my Oolu Orchid Emulsion. I could actually feel my skin tingling beneath the surface like it was working its magic. My skin felt pretty moisturized before I went to sleep. Upon waking up this morning, I found that my overall complexion looked brighter, but the downside was my hyperpigmentation and blackheads looked more noticeable. I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and a good amount of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and jaw line. I was hoping to also lighten the hyperpigmentation but it doesn’t look like it helped. This mask is probably best for those who don’t have to worry about hyperpigmentation and just want to brighten their skin so it looks less dull.

Please note that these are my personal opinions and experiences and not everyone has the same experiences as I do. Thanks for joining me for another review and I hope you enjoyed it! Any requests, advice or criticism please leave in the comments below. I feel that all feedback can be helpful in some way!


My Sheet Masks Finally Came!!!

I am sooo excited!!! My sheet masks came yesterday and I was in heaven. Who gets excited about sheet masks? ME! After I cleansed and toned my face, it was on to some masking and Criminal Minds. My first mask was, drum roll please…the Bonvivant Collagen & Olive Mask. The Collagen & Olive sheet mask restores  dehydrated, tired and aging skin. Olive extract delivers Vitamin E deep into skin layers, preventing moisture loss. Collagen strengthens and nourishes skin, boosting its elasticity and youthfulness. I can definitely use a boost.

    So I have dry/combination skin and definitely needed some moisture. Initially opening these masks is a little. messy because so much essence is packed into these packages. I usually find them a little hard to apply but this one was fairly simple. The essence was a milky color. I put the mask on and relaxed for 20 minutes. When I was ready to take it off I found it was a little dry so it is best not to exceed the 20 minutes because you don’t want the sheet mask to suck all that moisture out of your skin.

   I found the essence left on my face to be very viscous and it never seemed to absorb into my skin. I usually try to pat the essence in but it would have taken way too long and had to rub it in like a cream instead. I waited about 10 minutes and applied my Oolu Orchid Emulsion. Yes, I need to update my collection. This was my last step and after applying the emulsion my face felt very heavy all night. The emulsion normally absorbs after a while and that never happened. It sat on top of my face all night. I definitely did see a difference in my skin. It was plumper. I think this mask, for me would be better as just an essence to apply before the remainder of my routine.

    I wouldn’t say the ColIagen & Olive sheet mask is horrible and you should definitely give it a try for yourself. I do have another one to try. I will probably try it a bit differently. I hope you found this helpful and there will be more coming soon. If you have any requests or suggestions please leave them in the comments. Until next time!!! XOXO

New Purchase this week!!!

So I ran out of sheet masks about 2 weeks ago and today I decided to purchase more. I usually go through Memebox for my sheet masks. I am so obsessed with sheet masks so I ordered the Me to Me Box which contains a variety of masks and the Botanical Pure Mask 14 Day Variety Kit which comes with a free cat head band. I am so excited to receive my order. I am suppossed to receive my order on Monday so I will show you guys the complete haul.  Stay tuned!!!